Computer Zone, Inc. provides an inventory selection of most computer components, operating systems, and utility software solutions. Since our inception in 1996, our customer base, which consists of financial, insurance, government, education, retail, accounting, trucking, medical and Ag support companies, continues to grow. With an average work history of over fifteen years in the computer business, our staff has the background and experience on workstations, servers and communications that is second to none. Projects range from minor repair of individual workstations and printers to a complete design, build and installation of multi-server networks.

Remote access, data, and voice technologies are merging to create a revolutionary new breed of system integrators and service providers. Computer Zone, a recognized leader in Information Technology, is looking for small to medium sized companies wishing to capitalize on solutions that bring together communications, voice and data in unique, productivity enhancing ways.

We know and understand the level of service required by each customer and see to it that these needs are satisfied.

Consulting and planning sessions are always “no charge” items. This results in a clear picture of current capabilities as well as providing a selection of options that best help your business along the path of justifiable hardware and software enhancements. The best operating systems are those that plan for change and implement an installation schedule that fits with daily operations. This allows us to hold the hands that need it, re-enforce the knowledge that exists and provide a source of information for what lies in between the two ends.