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Burning CD’s with Windows XP

To download this document in Microsoft Word format please click here. This tutorial will show you how to burn CD's with the software that is included in Windows XP. I will go through both data and audio CD creation. 1. First, to burn a data CD you will need to select the files you want to burn. Do this by double clicking on "My Computer" and navigating through the directories until you find the files you want to save onto CD. 2. When you find the file or directory you wish to put onto a CD, highlight it, by clicking on it once, then right click on it to bring up another menu. Go to "Send To" and then click "CD Rom Drive (D:)" (the CD Rom drive letter may be different on your computer). 3. The following window...

Tech Tips From Our Emails

I HAVE A MIX OF APPLE AND ANDROID WIRELESS GADGETS CAN YOU HELP ME FIND A WAY TO PRINT TO THESE USING MY WIRELESS PRINTER? Just when I thought I had printing all figured out with our desktop computer, everyone in the family now wants to print straight from their wireless gadgets. We have a mix of Android and Apple gadgets. Can you help us? Printing from a computer these days is no big deal. Smartphones and tablets haven’t been around as long, so there are still complications. There are several ways to get the job done. Apple has AirPrint, Google has Cloud Print and there are several third-party printing apps. The best solution for you will depend upon your budget, the model of printer you use, and your mix of smartphones and tablets. If you...

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