Burning CD’s with Windows XP

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This tutorial will show you how to burn CD’s with the software that is included in Windows XP. I will go through both data and audio CD creation.

1. First, to burn a data CD you will need to select the files you want to burn. Do this by double clicking on “My Computer” and navigating through the directories until you find the files you want to save onto CD.

2. When you find the file or directory you wish to put onto a CD, highlight it, by clicking on it once, then right click on it to bring up another menu. Go to “Send To” and then click “CD Rom Drive (D:)” (the CD Rom drive letter may be different on your computer).

3. The following window will pop up:

4. Once the copying is complete a ballon will show in the lower right portion of your screen stating you have things that are ready to be written to the CD Rom.


5. If you click the balloon it will show you what files have been selected to burn. At this point, click on “Write these files to CD”.


6. You will then be asked what you want to name your CD. After you decide, click “Next”.


7. The progress bar will come up, this step may take several minutes depending on the speed of your burner.


8. Click “Finish” and your CD will eject. You’re finished burning your data CD.


9. We have had so many people ask about burning audio CD’s with Windows XP that we decided to include the information on the website. First, you need to open the “Start” menu, then click on “Windows Media Player”.


10. “Windows Media Player” will open and look something like the following picture.


11. Insert your audio CD then click on “Copy from CD”. The tracks of the audio cd will show up in the window. The CD that we copied had 2 tracks. If you want to name your songs and you have internet access, click “Get Names”. This is a service that checks an internet database for artist, album, and track names.


12. Check the tracks you want to copy. Click on “Copy Music”.


13. As you can see, the music is being copied. This copy will save them to your hard drive so you can enjoy them on your PC. Also, so you can later copy them to another CD.


14. Once the “Copy Status” has “Copied to Library”…….


15. Click on “Copy to CD” or “Device”.


16. Under “Music to Copy” click the down arrow just right of “Sample Playlist”. Then select “All Audio”.


17. Check and uncheck the items you want to write to your CD. Then click “Copy Music”.


18. It will first convert the audio file from the compressed format it used to save it to the hard drive.


19. After the conversion is finished with all the selected files, it will start to write them to the CD.


20. Once finished, you will have your newly aquired tracks under “Music” or “Device”. Burnig an audio CD will finalise the disc meaning you cannot write to it any more. If you didn’t finalise the disc you would not be able to play it in a car or home stereo.


21. The CD will eject, then click the “X” in the upper right hand corner to close. You have finished burning your Audio CD!

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