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This document outlines the use of Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Basic. I will show you how to burn audio CD’s, data CD’s, and CD to CD copying. The red arrows in the pictures indicate what should be looked at or selected.

1. First, open Roxio Project Selector by double clicking the desktop icon or by going into “Start/Programs/Roxio Easy CD Creator/Project Selector”

2. The “Roxio Project Selector” window will appear.


3. First, let us select make a music CD by clicking it, then selecting “Music CD Project” by clicking it as well.


4. In the “Select Source” section, find your mp3 or wave files and click, drag, then drop them into the “Add Tracks and Audio files here” box.


5. It should look something like the following picture:


6. Don’t worry about the order because if you want to move the tracks around you can click on the song and drag to the desired position. In the example below I have moved the Chord title from Track 2 (above) to Track 3 (below). When ready to record, click the red record button.


7. The following screen will appear:


8. Once the “Start Recording” button is clicked the “Record CD Progress” window will appear.


9. Click “OK” in the “Record CD Progress” window to complete with the burning.


10. It asks you if you would like to save the project, click “No”. It will bring you back to the “Untitled CD Project” window. If you would like to burn more Audio CD’s then repeat steps 4 – 10. If not, then click the “X” in the upper right corner to exit.


11. Next, we will run you through DirectCD. DirectCD enables you to drag and drop data into your cdrom drive as if you were coping the data to your floppy drive. From the “Project Selector” window click “make a data CD” then “directCD”.

12. A window will pop up giving the option to format the cd.

13. When the “Format” button is clicked the following window appears. Label your disc whatever you want and click “Format”. This may take as long as 1 hour depending on burner speed and computer resources.


14. The third type of burning we will show you is data CD. From the “Project Selector” window select “make a data CD”, then “dataCD Project”.

15. The untitled “Data CD Project” window will appear.


16. To change the name of your disc, click and highlight the number just below the dataCD project middle left of the window then type in the name. Lets name it my data.


17. As in step 4, select what you want to copy from the “Select Source” pane and drag and drop it into one of the lower panes. You can also click the “add down” arrow to add.


18. As you see in the following example:


19. If you want to delete an item just highlight it then click the remove “X”.


20. It will ask you if you are sure you want to delete, click “Yes”.


21. Click “Start Recording” when the “Record CD Setup” window appears.


22. The next window will tell you the “Cd Record Progress”.


23. When completed click on “OK”.


24. Again, it will ask you if you want to save the project. Click “No”.


25. This is the Photo or VideoCD maker, it is not a componet of Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Basic.


26. The final type of burning is the “CD Copier”. This is used to copy from one cdrom to another, you can only use this if you have a cdrom AND a cd writer. Click on “CD Copier”, then “CD Copier” again.


27. If this window pops up check the box just left of “Don’t show this again” and click “OK”.


28. Otherwise, this window will appear: Click on “Copy”. (goto step 30 if you don’t want to know about the “Advanced” tab.)


29. Click “Start Recording”.


30. The “Record CD Progress” window will come up.


31. Click “OK” in the “Record CD Progress” window to complete the burning.


32. It will take you to the “CD Copier” window. Congratulations, you have finished the tutorial.

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