Scan Disk and Defragment

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If you have Windows 95:

Turn the computer on and
Hit the F8 key on your keyboard
when you see a screen similar to this:

********************************************************************* * DISKETTE DRIVE A: 1.44M, 3.5IN DISPLAY TYPE: EGA/VGA * * DISKETTE DRIVE B: NONE SERIAL PORT(S): 3F8 2F8 * * PRI. MASTER DISK: LBA, ATA, 100 80GB PARALLEL PORT(S) 378 * * PRI. SLAVE DISK: NONE SDRAM AT ROW(S): 01 * * SEC. MASTER DISK : CD-ROM, ATA 33 * * SEC. SLAVE DISK: NONE * ********************************************************************* PRI. MASTER DISK ADD S.M.A.R.T CAPABILTY· ENABLED PCI DEVICE LISTING·<br> BUS NO. DEVICE NO. FUNC. NO. VENDOR/DEVICE CLASS DEVICE CLASS IRQ<br> ********************************************************************* 0 31 1 8086 244B 0101 IDE CNTRLR 14 0 31 2 8086 2442 0C03 SERIAL BUS CNTRLR 11 0 31 3 8086 2443 0C05 SMBUS CNTRLR 9 0 31 4 8086 2444 0C03 SERIAL BUS CNTRLR 11 1 0 5 1002 5046 0300 MULTIMEDIA DEVICE 9 2 1 0 1813 4000 0780 DISPLAY CNTRLR 5 2 3 0 10EC 8139 2000 SIMPLE COMM CNTRLR 11 NETWORK CNTRLR ACPI CONTROLLER VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA _(BLINKING CURSER)

If you have Windows 98 or 2000:

When starting up the computer you will hear a “BEEP”. At this point, hit the “F8” key on your keyboard and continue to hold it down until you see the following:


MICROSOFT WINDOWS START-UP MENU 1. normal 2. logged (bootlog.txt) 3. safe mode 4. step-by-step confirmations 5. command prompt only 6. safe mode command prompt only Press the number 3 on your keyboard, then press enter
on your keyboard when you see this screen
Windows will start in a protected mode called “Safe Mode”.
The screen will be Gray and White (top left and right corners) and will state that you are in safe mode.

Change Screen Saver to None

1. Double Click on My computer 2. Double Click on Control Panel 3, Double Click on Display From the Screen Saver tab (use pull down menu to select none, click on it to highlight) 4. Apply and OK (to save)</li>

Deleting Temporary Internet Files

1. You should still be in the Control Panel 2. Double click on Internet Options 3. From the general tab across the top go to Temporary Internet Files & single click on the Delete Files button. This brings up a box that you need to click (put a check mark) and say OK. Then click OK at the bottom of screen. 4. Click on File of Control Panel and choose Close


1. Start 2. Programs 3. Accessories 4. System Tools 5. Scandisk (highlight drive c) 6. C: is highlighted & standard is also checked- click on Start 7. Once the scandisk is done, then defrag. After completing – results will come up – just click close. Then close the scan disk windows and prepare to do disk defragmenter.

Disk Defragmenter

1. Start 2. Programs 3. Accessories 4. System Tools 5. Disk defragmenter (drive c should be highlighted) 6. OK (click ok to start program) 7. Exit (when program is done running)

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