Blocking Spam – Updating Norton AntiVirus

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In this tutorial you will be taken through a step-by-step method of blocking spam, using Outlook Express, by setting up simple “Mail Rules”. The red arrows in the pictures indicate what should be looked at or selected.

1. First, open Outlook Express from within Internet Explorer by clicking the “Mail” button and choosing “Read Mail”. Click on the “View” menu, then select “Layout”. You should get the following box:

2. Make sure that you have checked all the boxes that are shown in the above picture. If you made any changes, click “Apply”. Click “OK” to exit. Your layout should look something like the following:

3. Next, we are going to create a directory where “possible spam” is going to be sent. Highlight “Local Folders” (in the Folders pane) then click the “File ” menu (in the top left of the screen), go down to “Folder” and select “New”.

4. Under “Folder Name”: type in the text box: “Possible Spam” then click “OK”. That will create a directory called “Possible Spam” under the “Local Folders” menu.

5. P”ossible Spam” folder click “Tools/Message Rules/Mail”.

6. The “Message Rules” window will come up, at this screen click on “New” and the “New Mail Rule” window appears. It has 4 sections. In the 1st section check the box before the phrase “Where the From line contains people”. The 2nd section, the S”top processing more rules” should be checked (you may have to use the arrow to scroll down). Under section 3, click on the blue underlined area in “Where the From line contains people“. The “Select People” window will pop up. Click on “Address Book”.

7. Highlight the name you want to add and click “From ->” to add it to the list. These are the email addresses that you DO NOT want to be considered spam. Do this for all the email addresses you want to add then click “OK”. Click “OK” on the next screen as well.

8. In the 4th section click on the text box and delete the text that is there (IE – New Mail Rule #). Type the name of your new rule; let’s call it “Allowed Addresses”. Then click “OK” when finished. You should be back to the “Message Rules” window.

9. Once again, we will create another rule by clicking on “New”. This rule will be for sending all the email (except for the email addresses that we selected) to the “Possible Spam” folder.

10. In section 1, check the “For all messages” box (again, you may have to scroll down). In section 2, check “Move it to the specified folder”. Click the blue underlined part in “Move it to the specified folder” in section 3. This will bring up the “Move” window. Highlight the “Possible Spam” folder and click “OK”. Name the rule in section 4 by clicking in the box and deleting the text, then naming it as “Possible Spam”. Then click “OK”.

11. Click the “Apply Now” button, then “Select All”, then “Apply Now”. There will be a message saying that the rules have been applied. Click “OK” to close the window, then “Close” to exit the next window, then “OK” again.

This should bring you back to the main Outlook Express window.

The Issues

Unfortunately, to update the allowed addresses in your 1st Mail Rule (in this case the Allowed Addresses rule) you have to refer to steps 5 – 7, but this time do not create a new message rule, instead highlight the “Allowed Addresses Mail” rule then click on “Modify”.

Under section 3, click on the blue underlined text, then the “Address Book”. After you have added the new addresses click “OK”, then “OK” again. This will bring you back to the “Message Rules” window. Click “OK” this final time to bring you back to Outlook Express.

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