Norton AntiVirus Update

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These are step-by-step instructions for using Live Update for Norton Antivirus 2002.  The red arrows in the pictures indicate what should be looked at or selected.

1.     Double-click the Norton Antivirus icon on your desktop (or go through “Start”/”Programs”/”Norton Antivirus” if you do not have an icon).

2.     When the Norton Window appears, click on “Live Update”.

3.     After clicking “Live Update” this window will show what areas of Norton Antivirus will be checked for updates.  Click “Next”.

4.     After clicking “Next”, Norton Antivirus will start processing an update list.

5.     After the processing is done, Norton AntiVirus will tell you what needs to be updated.  The updates that need to be accomplished are listed with check marks next to them.  Click on “Next” to continue.

6.     Norton AntiVirus is downloading the updates.

7.     Norton AntiVirus is updating your AntiVirus files.

8.     Click “OK”.

9.     Norton AntiVirus successfully downloaded and installed updates.  Click “Finish”.

10.    Click “OK” to reboot the computer and finish the update process.

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